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The Launch of the 2023 M2 (G87)

The all-new M2 Coupe is a symphony of high performance, aesthetics, and attitude. Uncompromising power and impressive dynamics are in your hands. Experience the BMW M2 Coupe like never before. Featuring distinctive light alloy wheels, optional with track tires for the racetrack. A more refined, lighter-weight M carbon roof, designed to save 6 kg (13.2 lb.) of weight is designed to increase rigidity and lower the center of gravity. Functional & fashionable design as the kidney grille is aerodynamically optimized for the best possible cooling. Be in total control behind the wheel with the optional manual transmission, and experience the true power of the BMW M2 Coupe. Leave no doubt about your ability to command attention: make your entrance in the all-new M2 Coupe. Follow BMW USA for the latest in luxury cars and performance vehicles: Facebook: Instagram: Twitter: TikTok:

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